Full Name
Lorry Destainville
Job Title
Global Lead of Commerce Partnerships
Tik Tok
Speaker Bio
Lorry is the Global Lead of Commerce Partnerships for TikTok, where he is responsible for the strategy, growth and development of TikTok's ecosystem of commerce partners and bringing TikTok Shopping Solutions to merchants, creators, and TikTok users around the globe. Lorry is passionate about helping merchants of all sizes make the most of the ever-changing E-Commerce landscape and the opportunities it offers. Prior to TikTok, Lorry was the Head of Sales & Partnerships at Quora where he led the growth of global monetization teams and efforts of the Q&A platform, used by over 300M monthly active users. Throughout his career, Lorry has worked directly with some of the largest brands across the world to fully capture the true potential of online communities, leveraging product, organic and paid media solutions. Lorry completed his masters in Business Administration and Information Technologies at the IAE Graduate School of Management in Aix En Provence, France.
Lorry Destainville