Need a moment to wind down and digest everything you’ve been learning? Whatever your taste may be — food, beverages, toys, beauty products — A Taste of Brandweek brings the Brandweek experience to your doorstep. Unpack your gift box*, sign into one of our intimate virtual gatherings and prepare for a fun and interactive introduction to groundbreaking products, presented by the founders and brand managers themselves.

Please note: All sessions are at capacity.

Break all the Rules with Mented Cosmetics

Monday, September 20 | 9:30am EST

Mented CEO KJ Miller went to Harvard Business School to learn all the rules about starting and marketing a business, only to launch one and promptly break them all. Join her and discover how to launch and grow a successful brand while throwing the textbooks out the window.

KJ Miller

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
mented Cosmetics

Finding the Sweet in Unsweetened with Sound 

Monday, September 20 | 9:30am EST

Sound Co-Founder, Tommy Kelly, joins us to share his journey from the nuclear power industry to launching a category-leading beverage brand.  He’ll discuss the recent rebrand at Sound that led to 3x growth in same-store sales velocity and how to design for omni-channel success. He will also share his perspective on how taking a “sound” approach to all aspects of the business has created staying power for the brand.

Tommy Kelly


The Power of Baking with King Arthur Baking

Monday, September 20 | 10:00am EST

How King Arthur Baking Company, America’s oldest flour company, not only pivoted to meet +56% pandemic-led growth on store shelves, but also refreshed its brand image with a new logo and new marketing strategy to speak to the next generation of bakers.

Rachel Lewis

Brand Director – Core
King Arthur Baking Company

Kim Stellavato

Brand Director – Emerging, King Arthur Baking Company

Three Wishes Cereal: From helping brands to building our own

Monday, September 20 | 10:00am EST

Join us to hear how our experiences running a creative agency and serving clients informed the way we look at brands and inspired us to build our very own. We’ll share tricks of the trade, big businesses’ best kept secrets, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Margaret Wishingrad

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Three Wishes

Ian Wishingrad

Three Wishes

Salad for the People: Building Brand Equity with Farmer’s Fridge

Monday, September 20 | 4:00pm EST

A salad company meets Midwestern nice – that’s Farmer’s Fridge. Healthy, ready-to-eat meals for everyone – not just health nuts or yoga gurus. VP of Marketing Meghan Hurley will talk building a scalable brand that helps regular people trying to eat well, navigating the pandemic after losing 95% of our business overnight, and launching partnerships with some of the country’s most recognizable chefs.

Meghan Hurley

Vice President, Marketing
Farmer's Fridge

Jaanuu: Balancing the Shift: Innovation That Goes Beyond 9-5 with Dr. Neela, Co-Founder of Jaanuu

Monday, September 20 | 4:00pm EST

*Due to shipping delays, product will not arrive to registrants by the session date. Jaanuu will ensure that all registrants who attend the session will receive the product as soon as it becomes available.

As a practicing pediatrician and co-founder, Dr. Neela has been on the frontlines for the past year and a half juggling parenthood, her businesses and her patients, all to the backdrop of a global pandemic. What started as a desire to bring style and function to the medical apparel space, transformed into a mission to empower healthcare heroes to look and feel their best around the clock. Get the inside scoop from Dr. Neela who has used her first hand experience to inform and innovate the medical apparel industry, most recently with Jaanuu’s new line of loungewear - perfect for caregivers’ recovery, a critical and often overlooked component of the medical field. 

Dr. Neela Sethi

Pediatrician, Co-Founder

Cookie Break with Levain Bakery

Monday, September 20 | 4:00pm EST

Iconic New York City institution, Levain Bakery is celebrated as home of the world’s best cookie. What started in 1995 as a tiny bread shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan has grown into national omnichannel business. Join Chief Marketing Officer - and fellow sweet tooth - Lorna Sommerville for a delicious (cookie) break to learn how she’s helping to scale this heritage brand while preserving its beloved status.

Lorna Sommerville

Chief Marketing Officer
Levain Bakery

Life is Good®: Optimism over adversity

Monday, September 20 | 4:30pm EST

In this talk, hear from Life is Good® 's President, Tom Hassell, on how the optimistic apparel company evolved its business model in 2020 – one of the most challenging years in retail - nearly doubling its customer-base and growing ecommerce revenue by 75 percent. Connect with the deeper purpose of your work & life, while taking away actionable tips on how you can drive positive change within your organization

Tom Hassell

Life is Good

Data Is Dead, Long Live Data!

Monday, September 20 | 4:30pm EST

Picture the scene: it’s 2022 and the cookie-less future digital retailers have been scrambling to navigate is here, but you haven’t sweat it since September. Sounds great, right? Make that future a reality by joining Win Brands Group co-founder and CMO Taylor Sicard for a discussion on how the modern holding company is already setting its portfolio of brands including Homesick, QALO, and Gravity up for success by finding new ways to gather first-party data. Learn how each brand has already used these findings to shape everything from product development, to marketing attribution, and more, and how to apply these lessons to your own brand in preparation for the ‘datageddon.’

Taylor Sicard

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Win Brands Group

How One Brand Has Converted Product Positioning To Social Responsibility with VIDE

Tuesday, September 21 | 9:30am EST

Join us as we chat with CEO and Cofounder of VIDE Beverages, Ryan Laverty, who has brought quality, convenience, and transparency to the RTD market with its all-natural, gluten-free, zero sugar, zero carbs beverages. We also will be talking about how VIDE started a conversation about how an intentionally purchased product can inspire small moments of self-improvement, and what that means to VIDE as a company.

Ryan Laverty

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Building a business based on the lifestyle of an iconic athlete

Tuesday, September 21 | 9:30am EST

Want to know what Tom Brady eats every day and on game day? TB12 is inspired by 3-time NFL MVP and 6-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and developed with his business partner and co-founder Alex Guerrero, offering a holistic approach to performance and recovery with a belief that supplementing with natural ingredients can be a key part of a healthy recovery protocol. Join TB12 CEO John Burns to discuss how TB12 is transforming global health & wellness and how to improve your longevitiy and perform at your best integrating revolutionary concepts in nutrition and hydration.

John Burns

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

How to do more with less with Mush

Tuesday, September 21 | 10:00am EST

Jo Dutta, who previously ran large brands at PepsiCo including the global Quaker brand, will share the brand story and how MUSH has earned cult like status among fitness enthusiasts, celebrities and plant based community leaders. She will also share lessons in how to create a new category and sustainably scale a business while constantly having to do ‘more with less’.

Joanna Dutta

Chief Marketing Officer

Boundless Beauty

Tuesday, September 21 | 10:00am EST

Connect with Nadia D. Cross, founder and creator of Teal N Bronze, an organic skincare line which harmonizes body wellness for all genders and skin. Her journey to guarantee conscious commerce traveled from toxin-free to multi-purpose to provide transparency into self care that doesn't hurt the planet. Learn how Nadia is pioneering Boundless Beauty and redefining the game along the way.

Nadia D. Cross

Founder, Owner, Creator
Teal N Bronze

HUM Nutrition: Healthy Inside, Radiant Outside

Tuesday, September 21 | 4:00pm EST

Everything you need to truly feel good starts from within. HUM approaches skin, hair, body and mood goals from the inside out with clean, clinically proven nutrients and free nutritionist advice. Learn more about their mission and how they are inspiring people to live healthier, happier lives using two key ingredients: science and joy. Plus, enjoy your new vitamin routine of HUM bestsellers!

Erica Tam

Vice President of Brand
HUM Nutrition

Daily Harvest: How to Build a Brand People Believe In

Tuesday, September 21 | 4:00pm EST

As marketers, our north star is forming deep, lifelong connections with our customers, mobilizing a movement, and inspiring evangelism. Join Daily Harvest founder + CEO, Rachel Drori for a conversation on how to build a brand everyone can believe in by committing to solving a systemic problem and being radically customer-driven. Enjoy a complimentary box of nourishing bowls, flatbreads, smoothies, snacks and desserts courtesy of Daily Harvest, too.

Rachel Drori

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Daily Harvest

Surprise & Delight: A Perfect Subscription Box Experience with Bulu

Tuesday, September 21 | 4:00pm EST

Bulu launched the sixth Subscription Box to hit the market in 2012. Since then, Bulu has launched and managed dozens of programs in partnership with brands like Disney, GNC, Crayola, Lululemon, Discovery Channel Shark Week, and more, to bring the unique consumer experience (and recurring revenue) of a Subscription Box to these storied brands' offerings. Unbox a surprise alongside Bulu Co-Founder and CEO Paul Jarrett, and hear the big fails and bigger wins in Bulu's pursuit to create the perfect Subscription Boxes.

Paul Jarrett

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Harvesting a Heritage for Your Brand with Ocean Spray

Tuesday, September 21 | 4:30pm EST

400 million pounds of cranberries are consumed by Americans each year. It’s no surprise Ocean Spray produces 70 million cans of cranberry sauce each year as part of that. Brand affinity was solidified by building a deep-rooted heritage behind this hero superfruit, the cranberry. CCO Monisha Dabek will discuss ways Ocean Spray continues to dedicate the brand’s mission to the cooperative’s tireless commitment in the harvesting process of the cranberry. Dabek will specifically highlight ways the brand heritage has evolved and innovated around the pillar superfruit, which is ingeniously incorporated across all channels, such as through recipe integration, ingredient experimentation and more.

Monisha Dabek

Chief Commercial Officer
Ocean Spray

Apeel: Navigating to a Nature-based Age

Tuesday, September 21 | 4:30pm EST

How do we transform our food system to work in harmony with nature, ensuring an abundant future for our planet? Join Jason De Turris, Apeel’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Sciences, for a conversation on how to build a mission-focused, nature-based brand that can galvanize retailers and consumers alike to tackle some of the most pressing sustainability issues facing our planet. Attendees will enjoy Apeel-treated produce, proven to last 2-3 times longer than conventional produce, courtesy of the Apeel team.

Jason De Turris

Senior Vice President and Vice President of Brand and Marketing

Happy Socks: Growing Younger: How Happy Socks is adapting to Gen Z and their version of happiness

Wednesday, September 22 | 9:30am EST

Happy Socks’ Head of Marketing and Creative Director talk us through how the Swedish brand has kept their “forever young” attitude throughout the years, first finding success with Millennials, and now shifting their appeal to Gen Z through youth-driven content. One part random, one part soul, and always coated in color.

Paula Maso

Creative Director
Happy Socks

Laura Frisk

Head of Marketing
Happy Socks

Sky’s the Limit for Customizing Taste

Wednesday, September 22 | 9:30am EST

Private jet travel has taken off! Now, not only can more people take advantage of flying private, but they can also enjoy the luxury of customizing their travel experience. Private fliers can now select anything from their aircraft, to take off time, and Wheels Up, the leading brand in private aviation has taken it a step further by offering a selection of customized catering and dining options on and off the ground. Chief Experience Officer, Gail Grimmett will discuss the ways partnerships with likeminded brands like Landry’s, Rao’s, Whispering Angel, Caviar, and more have led to the ultimate dining experience for Members, from take-off through enjoying their desired destination.

Gail Grimmett

Chief Experience Officer
Wheels Up

Focusing on Consumer and Community needs with Bevel

Wednesday, September 22 | 10:00am EST

Bevel is an award-winning brand focused on meeting the unique head-to-toe grooming needs of Black Men. Launched in 2013, Bevel has made a name for itself by relentlessly placing the consumer first in everything that we do. Learn how a sharp focus on the needs of our consumer & community enabled Bevel to respond quickly to the events of 2020.

Girard Hardy

Director, Brand Marketing of Walker & Company Brands, makers of Bevel

Unboxing Bespoke Post's Box Creation Process

Wednesday, September 22 | 10:00am EST

Bespoke Post's goal is to deliver curated goods at an optimized price point, and with that comes a unique box process. Part creative, part strategy, part merchadinsing—there's more that goes into designing a Box of Awesome than meets the eye. Join Bespoke Post's Chief Merchandising Officer, Michelle Zara Evans, as she details the innovative and data-driven way these unlike-any-other boxes come to life.

Michelle Zara Evans

Chief Merchandising Officer
Bespoke Post

Pivoting to Workleisure: How to effectively evolve your brand identity

Wednesday, September 22 | 4:00pm EST

After the pandemic began, we knew the industry and consumer behavior would shift away from office attire and gravitate towards comfortable clothing that better fit our new reality of remote work. Harnessing a spirit of innovation and flexibility, we revamped our products and entire brand in just 45 days to focus on the future of workleisure, or the idea of improving traditional workwear to become more comfortable and adaptable without sacrificing a polished look. I will discuss how to effectively pivot your brand identity to meet the persisting demands of our new hybrid reality, and how to continue predicting trends within this unstable time.

Aman Advani

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Supply

Brand Building for the Modern F&B Consumer with BEHAVE 

Wednesday, September 22 | 4:00pm EST

BEHAVE's founder Mayssa Chehata joins us to discuss her journey creating a brand and products to resonate with today's consumer. Brand voice, consumer profiles, and storytelling all come into play.

Mayssa Chehata


Soylent: The Future of Functional Beverage

Wednesday, September 22 | 4:00pm EST

Creating innovative products that are functional and sustainable as well as accessible to the masses is the cornerstone of Soylent's success. Learn how Soylent, the original food tech company, went from a crowdfunded start-up to the leading plant-based complete nutrition brand ushering in the future of functional beverage. CEO Demir Vangelov will explore how Soylent mobilizes and engages its customer community to drive product innovation. Attendees will enjoy delicious, plant-based snacks and beverages, courtesy of Soylent.

Demir Vangelov

Chief Executive Officer

Simple Problems, Big Ideas: How QALO built a category-defining brand

Wednesday, September 22 | 4:30pm EST

Before 2013, the words ‘silicone wedding ring’ may not have meant much to you. Since then, QALO has pioneered an entire industry based on that very product, and QALO rings can be found on the hands of the world’s greatest athletes like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Bryce Harper, and more. Join QALO CEO Gregg Angier to learn how solving a simple problem led to the creation of a category, and an active lifestyle brand that continues to remove barriers for its community.

Gregg Angier

Chief Executive Officer

Building a CPG brand by centering cultural storytelling

Wednesday, September 22 | 4:30pm EST

Since its launch in May 2020, Omsom has sold out 8 times, sold half a million starters, and been featured in everywhere from the Today Show to Vogue, Food & Wine, and The New York Times -- all 90% organically. Join Emily Chan, Omsom's Senior Marketing Director and founding team member, in conversation on building and growing a brand by centering marketing and content on cultural, personal storytelling first, and product storytelling second. 

Emily Chan

Senior Director of Marketing

Melting Mouth’s Mind One Bite at a Time

Thursday, September 23 | 9:30am EST

Bitextural snacking in connecting mouths and minds. Join us as we chat with Managing Director and CMO Russell Barnett who brought mochi ice cream to the masses as he continues to break new ground, add new ingredients, and snacking culture to win the category.

Russell Barnett

Chief Marketing Officer, and Managing Director
My/Mo Mochi

Evolving Retail: How Foot Locker is Changing the Traditional Retail Journey 

Thursday, September 23 | 10:00am EST

Join Francine Feder, the Vice President of Consumer Connections at Foot Locker, Inc. to learn how the brand’s evolved a traditional retail journey into an omni-channel universe over the past few years. Fran’s teams drive demand creation and build concept-forward offense that taps into Gen Z consumers passion points every day. The company’s approach to 360 marketing on a 24/7 turn was met with challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, as teams generated new strategies to drive heat within a digital landscape that was inundated and over saturated in a way we had never seen before. The agenda: create authentic moments for trusted influencers to speak directly to audiences and introduce consumers back to experiential during a critical period as restrictions shift and cities try to recover. Understanding how we engage will be key with a new outlook post-COVID.

Francine Feder

Vice President, Consumer Connections, North America
Foot Locker

Major League Soccer: Developing The Culture Behind The North American Soccer Experience

Thursday, September 23 | 10:00am EST

The fastest-growing sports league in North America, Major League Soccer, is in the midst of its 26th season having just launched its 27th club in Austin. The League has experienced significant growth over the last 15 years, and the momentum continues on the road to the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosted in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Join MLS SVP of Brand and Integrated Marketing, David Bruce, to learn about how the League has defined the North American soccer experience – rituals, communities, and personalities – by creating a soccer culture unlike any other in the world.

David Bruce

SVP of Brand and Integrated Marketing

Beyond the Beverage: The Future of Consumables with Kin Euphorics

Thursday, September 23 | 4:00pm EST

Culture is on precipice of a mental health revolution; “braincare” is the new self care. Consumer demands have shifted and the next generation of consumers is craving a new way to destress, re-calibrate, and rejuvenate. A host at her core, co-founder Jen Batchelor recognized a need for a functional drink that was sexy enough to drink at a bar, but strong and smart enough to drink at your own accord to better yourself.

Kin Euphorics, launched in 2018, and has become the leading brand paving the way for the future of functional beverages with the most innovative ingredient stack in the business.

Join Kin Euphorics Co-Founder and CEO Jen Batchelor for a groundbreaking discussion about how to build a brand from the inside out for the consumer of the future.

Jen Batchelor

Chief Euphorics Officer
Kin Euphorics

Super Coffee: How to go from start-up to the #3 bottled coffee drink in the US

Thursday, September 23 | 4:00pm EST

Learn how Super Coffee went from dormroom startup to the #3 bottled coffee drink, taking over shelves across the US. Jake will share key business insights on how Positive Energy enabled the company to scale while remaining opportunistic through challenging times. Jake will touch on the power of the Brands first national integrated Brand campaign with Add Something Positive, driving home the Brand ethos of removing the negatives and adding positives to your energy experience.

Jake DeCicco

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Super Coffee

Tori Hanna

Chief Marketing Officer
Super Coffee

Creating your Perfect Blend with just add honey tea company

Friday, September 24 | 10:00am EST

Sometimes your cup of tea would be better with a pinch of this, or a little bit of that… Let us help you create your perfect blend! Since 2006, just add honey has created loose leaf tea blends that are perfect for every palate. 

In this class, you will learn:

  • what is tea
  • what is NOT tea
  • how to create your perfect blend
  • blend and spice up what you have at home

Brandi Shelton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Just Add Honey

Why Experience Matters: Building a Self-care Brand

Friday, September 24 | 10:00am EST

Self-care has taken on a new meaning since the beginning of the pandemic. COVID19 changed what it means to “take care” from a nebulous concept to now, essential practices necessary for stress relief, better sleep and feel more resilient during this difficult time. Join SPRAISE founder Dominique Boseman along with marketing officer Heidi Pearson as they discuss why experience matters in brand building. Learn how Dominique used her passion for advocacy to build a vegan body-care brand that puts the customer journey first and leverages self-discovery to create a lasting impact.

Dominique Boseman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Pearson

Chief Marketing Officer

Using Digital Marketing to Sell an Ancient Product

Friday, September 24 | 10:00am EST

Tea has been enjoyed around the world for millennia. Learn how Brooklyn Tea uses digital tools to keep their audiences engaged and excited about this seemingly ubiquitous product. In this session, you will experience:
-A brief history of tea
-How tea is enjoyed around the world
-Tactics to engage a digital audience
-Translating in-person customer service to the digital world

Jamila McGill

Brooklyn Tea

Alfonso Wright

Brooklyn Tea

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