Masterclass: Understanding Gen Z Identity
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
Kasha Cacy Soyoung Kang Melissa Hobley

"I have a real love/hate thing with labels and identity because I think it’s shifting and contextual and a little bit hard to define – but not like evil because…[it] helps people find their people.” – Kathleen, non-binary, Illinois, 26 (Cassandra Collective)

Gen Z is speaking, and we need to start listening. Identity has always been important, but for Gen Zs today it’s mandatory. It’s much more complex and nuanced than race, gender and ethnicity – and on top of that it’s fluid and ever evolving. From content, to music, to politics and hobbies… they believe these are all an extension of their identities and are passionate about who they are and how they are defined. For marketers it’s fascinating… and also a challenge we can’t ignore. Don’t miss this session as we learn what Gen Z’s are saying, what they expect and what this means for brands, advertising and innovation.

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