The Agile Marketer: Speed as a Lever to Brand Success
Monday, February 22, 2021
2:25 PM - 2:45 PM (EST)

The pandemic proved it: the secret to success is being able to move fast as a marketing and brand organization. In reality, it’s not always that simple. From developing and launching new products (and the campaigns that go with them) to quickly reacting to cultural shifts and events, creative and marketing teams are often strapped for time and resources and can't be as agile as they'd like. Join this Celtra session to discuss tactics, success stories, and technologies that help marketers increase speed-to-market to win customers, market share, and enable teams to maximize their output and velocity.

Eli Chapman, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Celtra

*Available to VIP and Partner Pass holders only.

Session Type
Breakout Room - Sustainability