Kill Your Darlings: Making a Strategic Choice About Which Profiles You Don't Need
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
1:15 PM - 1:35 PM (EDT)
Casper Vahlgren

Social media has given brands the ability to reach their consumers almost anywhere in the world. While that, at first glance, might make social seem like the golden goose, many are realizing that trying to be everywhere and reach everyone can negatively impact their performance. With finite resources, brands risk spreading themselves too thin in an attempt to be omnipresent. To address this, more and more brands are working to identify and focus on the areas with the greatest opportunity for growth, both on and off social media. Consequently, many brands are closing and consolidating many of their profiles, making a conscious choice of where not to be and not to focus. 

Tune in to this session to hear Casper Vahlgren, Senior Strategist at, outline how selectiveness and prioritization should be key components of the strategic process for any brand and the impact this can have on their social media ecosystem and tactics. 

Attend this session to learn:
- The market principles that make prioritization essential on social media
- How and why global brands are consolidating their social media channels
- Methods and frameworks for benchmarking, analyzing and identifying opportunities for growth on social media - and lack thereof


Casper Vahlgren, Senior Strategist,

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Main Stage