Reality Check: What People (Really) Want From Your Business on Social
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
11:35 AM - 11:55 AM (EDT)
Tom Keiser Melanie Gaboriault

Spikes in usage, exciting new platforms, more ways to sell, and new ways to care—the next wave of social media is clearly here, and it’s bursting with activity and opportunity.

The good news is that people really do want to see brands on social media. The bad news is that many brands misunderstand when and how they're wanted.

Join the CEO of Hootsuite, Tom Keiser in conversation with Melanie Gaboriault, Head of Global Corporate Communications of Hootsuite, as he covers: 

  • What people really want from businesses on social at all stages of the customer journey 
  • The tangible outcomes businesses should expect to get out of social—in marketing and beyond
  • The skills you’ll need to master as a social media professionals to bridge these two worlds


Tom Keiser, Chief Executive Officer, Hootsuite
Melanie Gaboriault, Head of Global Corporate Communications, Hootsuite

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Main Stage