Steal This Idea: How Writing a Guidebook Can Unite a Culture and Fuel Creativity
Friday, May 7, 2021
12:15 PM - 12:35 PM (EDT)
Katie Puris

In March 2020, the world stopped. However that did not stop the global collective of coming together to spread joy and creativity during a truly unprecedented time. Katie Puris, Managing Director of Global Business Marketing, took on a global team, built it from scratch, and saw the need for establishing a culture and a foundation. Katie established a way of working that was innovative yet flexible for people joining the team from all over the globe and representative of our commitment as a global team and grounded in realistic fundamental principles.

Join Katie as she discusses her guiding principles that united a culture and fueled creativity for her team. Today's session is the ultimate "how to guide" to create an inclusive environment, inspire great work and ultimately build a wonderful culture that shaped the team for many years to come!


Katie Puris, Managing Director of Global Business Marketing, TikTok

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Main Stage