Why AI and DATA are Essential to Succeed with Influencer Marketing
Thursday, May 6, 2021
3:30 PM - 3:55 PM (EDT)
Tyler Folkman Megan Savitt

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During a tumultuous year for the entertainment industry, AI entertainment titan BEN Group (BEN) continued to deliver results to clients, prioritize advancements in technology, and innovate marketing for brands as the media and entertainment industries revolutionized and began to decentralize. With more people staying home and turning to media as a means for escape and entertainment, influencer marketing became a must-have for brands, who needed to reach audiences where they were spending the most time. On top of this, as marketers look to engage influencers, it can be challenging to navigate the space effectively, making data more important than ever to be successful.
In this session, Tyler Folkman, BEN's Head of AI, and Megan Savitt, BEN's VP of Strategy, explore the exponential power of influencer marketing and the power of AI and custom-built algorithms to unleash predictive power to maximize ROI on influencer marketing campaigns for brands. Learn how AI takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing and equips brands like never before.
Attend the session and learn:

  • The exponential growth and power of Influencer marketing in today’s digital age 
  • How to make your brand stand-out like never before
  • Using data to leverage machine learning in influencer marketing and maximize ROI


Tyler Folkman, Head of Artificial Intelligence, BEN Group
Megan Savitt, Vice President of Strategy, BEN Group

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