Monday, September 12, 2022
4:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Vice Categories Leading the Way: What You Can Learn from Cannabis and Sex Marketers (Dupont, Lobby Level)

During the pandemic, House of Wise Founder and CEO, Amanda Goetz, left her corporate job to create a wellness company. The business is now transforming the way we talk about health through an effective community-led approach. House of Wise is made for women but works for all. The brand’s full spectrum of CBD products targets sleep, sex, stress and strength. Through an authentic brand identity that champions expert-led content, a connected community and effective products, House of Wise has helped prompt a shame-free, stigma-shattering conversation around women’s health. 

House of Wise achieved $1m in sales in their first year without Google and Facebook, given their barriers on CBD marketing. Join Amanda Goetz as she breaks down how “Vice” categories are paving the way for all direct-to-consumer brands and the importance of micro-affiliate marketing. She’ll also explain how House of Wise is building the future of health and wellness through a community-led commerce strategy that emotionally connects the brand to its audience.

Amanda Goetz