Full Name
Julieanna Marie Goddard
Job Title
1AM Creative
Speaker Bio
Julieanna Goddard has been paving the way for experiential marketing and holistic storytelling, creating memorable and immersive events and activations for elite brands and aligning them with the right talent to drive meaningful consumer engagement and value. Her creative agency, 1AM Media & productions has created and curated some of the most innovative and exclusive experiences and activations for an impressive roster of clients that includes Puma, Beats By Dre, KITH, Kanye West, Sprite, Coors Light, Red Bull, EA Sports, T-Mobile, Skype, Viber, Rent The Runway, Alchemist, Def Jam, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, YG and Migos. They have activated at some of the biggest events across the U.S., including the "YE" bonfire in Wyoming, Coachella, ComplexCon, Art Basel, MTV Video Music Awards, and NBA All-Star. Julz is a communications leader with a passion for building relationships between brands and customers through the combination of technology and digital media. She has many specialties including digital strategy, social media strategy, and community management. Most importantly, she has a keen understanding of why something is trending and what will be the next best thing. With an engaged, curious, and creative audience of over half a million multicultural entrepreneurs and artists, Julz has built loyalty amongst even the most skeptical. They trust her opinion and expertise on branding, music-making, and marketing.
Julieanna Marie Goddard