Full Name
Michael Burke
Job Title
Managing Director, Luxury, Branded Apparel and Durables
Speaker Bio
As Google’s Managing Director of Luxury, Branded Apparel & Durables, Michael Burke leads a sales team responsible for driving business growth for many of the world's largest, most loved brands and agencies.

In his nearly two decades at Google, he's enjoyed a front row seat to the future of commerce and marketing. Digital media, consumer privacy, AI, and seamless omnichannel engagement are the hottest trends in retail, and Michael and his team are actively supporting hundreds of brands in their own unique digital transformations.

Leveraging deep consumer insights, they are also delivering world-class digital marketing strategies and solutions to help brands engage and acquire high-value customers.

Michael has built and led high-performing teams across several industries and product areas. Prior to focusing on Brand Manufacturers, Michael managed teams in Retail and Consumer Electronics, and led business development for Google Checkout. During a year-long exit from Google, he also led business development at Clickable, a VC-backed, growth stage start-up acquired by Syncapse.

Michael is a frequent content publisher and industry speaker at events such as the Vogue Business Summit, Digiday Publishing Summit, and Ecom World. His expertise covers topics ranging from the evolving retail landscape and growth of digital goods, to the application of AI in retail and marketing.
Michael Burke