Full Name
Sam Ewen
Job Title
Senior Vice President, Head of CoinDesk Studios
Speaker Bio
Sam Ewen is a seasoned marketing executive with 20+ years of brand experience across physical, digital, social and onchain platforms.

Sam has spent his career challenging brands to create experiences and campaigns that bridge the gap between company and consumer with engagement (customer, press and social) at the core. As a creative, his ideas have garnered hundreds of millions of impressions, news stories beyond count and extensive product trial and adoption. He has worked in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to technology, toys to television. For the last 7 years Sam has worked in the publishing industry at Clique Media, The New York Times and now at CoinDesk.

Additionally, Sam has been in the innovation and creative technology space since 2005 designing immersive tech-forward activations and software systems for some of the world's largest brands. He has been dabbling in blockchain since 2014 while mining bitcoin out of his agency offices. He has been exploring (and pitching) the intersection of onchain opportunity, virtual worlds and brands since 2017.
Sam Ewen