Full Name
Robyn Delmonte
Speaker Bio
Robyn Delmonte of @girlbosstown is your PR guru, TikTok creator originally from Nashua, New Hampshire. After graduating college, Robyn settled down in Boston where she worked multiple 9-5 jobs while pursuing a traditional career in PR. Robyn quickly realized that the corporate world left her feeling unfulfilled and decided to join TikTok in 2021. In a matter of eight months, Robyn had successfully branded herself as “The Internet’s Agent” and launched a full-fledged consulting business from her iconic couch — giving PR moves to brands such as Dunkin, Bliss, Xfinity and more. When she’s not giving innovative, specialized, Gen-Z driven advice to brands, she spends her time trend forecasting, rating red carpet looks and even grabbing the attention of E! News by filling in as a host!
Robyn continues to prove time and time again that she has her finger on the pulse of what's relevant. Her innate savviness allows her to expand beyond the boundaries of being simply a content creator; she hopes to use her instincts and expertise to bridge the gap between brands, creators, and consumers to reinvent the way culture looks at PR and marketing. Robyn will continue to manifest this career as she grows her media empire. Don’t blink, you might miss her next PR move!
Robyn Delmonte