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Alessandro Cardoso, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is a beauty content creator on Instagram and TikTok where he creates short-form videos centered around product reviews, makeup hacks, skincare tips and the like. He began his journey on social media about two years ago during the pandemic and has since amassed over one million followers between the two platforms. Alessandro's overarching goal within his content is to provide a voice of reason whom viewers can rely on to give nothing but an honest opinion about the latest products and trends so as to save their time and money; something he feels is very important, especially after an era within the beauty community tainted by drama, dishonesty and deceit. His dream has always been to pursue his passion in beauty, so to be able to do so at this scale, and despite the hardships he faced as a young boy dealing with homohpobic influences in his life, is truly a dream come true and something his younger self would be incredibly proud of. Aside from his work as a content creator, he now lives in Miami alongside his boyfriend of four years with whom he enjoys travelling, trying new foods and of course, quality time at home with their puppy and two kittens.