In-Person Workshop: Revolutionizing Brand-Consumer Engagement With Hyype Space (Biscayne)

Unleashing the Potential of Challenge-Based Social Content

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM (EDT)

In an era of consumer skepticism and advertising fatigue, brands are seeking new avenues to establish meaningful connections with their audience. Challenge-based social content video platform, Hyype Space, offers an opportunity to brands who want to engage with their most passionate fans through fun and authentic social challenges that are engaging and offer prizes for their participation.

Join Hyype Space for this unique, experiential workshop that will address the current challenges social platforms present for brands looking to engage with consumers in an authentic and fun way. From inspiring user-generated content to fostering community engagement, discover how authentic brand challenges are transforming social media marketing. In the session, attendees will learn what it takes to create/participate in challenges, how it can help monetize their social marketing strategies, hear directly from a brand that has had success on the platform, and more.

Nessira Randolph Vera Koch