Food is Medicine: How Sakara Life Has Cultivated A Community Through Plant-Rich Wellness (Tuttle)

Join us for this hands-on showcase of the products and services whose marketing practices are disrupting the industry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
11:55 AM - 12:25 PM (EDT)

Sakara is a nutrition and wellness company providing the tools to put people in the driver's seat of their health. Since inception, Sakara has transformed millions of lives through its signature and targeted nutrition programs, functional products, and supplements. Hear from Whitney Tingle, Founder and Co-CEO of Sakara as she speaks to how the brand has built a community at the forefront of the global plant-rich movement through a unique, science-backed nutrition philosophy. Tingle will be highlighting key brand partnerships including Kora Organics, Erewhon & Kin Euphorics, strategic brand campaigns, and the unique "Eat Clean, Play Dirty" mission that drive Sakara’s community-led approach to plant-rich wellness

Whitney Tingle Emmy Liederman