Vivian Odior
Vivian Odior
Global Head of Marketing
From age 12, Vivian has recognized marketers’ power to shape culture and societal identity. Vivian, born in Nigeria and raised in Texas, chose to create the change she sought to see: to be a visible leader that paves the way for others like herself, and leverage brand platforms to drive real-world change.

As Global Marketing Director, Future of Self Care at Johnson & Johnson, Vivian shaped award-winning campaigns like TYLENOL #HowWeFamily and CLEAN & CLEAR See The Real Me, J&J’s first featuring a transgender teen. These redefined diverse representation by addressing real struggles with identity and representation. She also launched a maternal health brand focused on reducing the devastating mortality rates of Black pregnant women.

Today, as Global Head of Brand at WhatsApp, Vivian is leading the brand to new heights and lifting its cultural perception with 2.5 billion users globally. She drove expansion of WhatsApp Payments in India and Brazil, empowering economic opportunity for ~200M people, often overlooked in global economies. She led WhatsApp’s US entry with a provoking campaign challenging users' privacy perception. Additionally, she signed Giannis Antetokounmpo as the first brand partner for Meta full stop, one whose Greek-Nigerian heritage is the ultimate exemplification of dual+ cultured users.

Outside WhatsApp, Vivian mentors and lends her voice to spaces that focus on empowering young girls and women of color, including her podcast “She’s Been Called.”