Shaina Zafar
Shaina Zafar
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
JUV Consulting
Shaina Zafar, 23, is the Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer at JUV Consulting. She is an American-Muslim obsessed with solving problems with human-centered design, powered by Gen Z to build creative solutions.

At JUV, she oversees community building, partnership development, and thought leadership. She has authored Gen Z yellowpapers at the company ranging from topics on Gen Z Yellow to The Future of WebZ (“Web3”) and oversees their weekly trends newsletter, The Screenshot with a subscriber base of 5,000+ business professionals. She is also a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and wrote her thesis about impactful business ESG practices.

She has spoken for major brands like Mondelez, L'Oréal, and KPMG as well as conferences like the U.S. Travel Tourism Conference. She has been quoted in the likes of The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Business of Fashion.

Every year on her birthday, she makes a Spotify playlist with 365 songs—customized with its own Playlist cover. If she isn’t exploring new music, you can find her searching up new fonts, cooking at odd hours of the night, or tweeting @ShainaZafar!

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