Listening: How Vans Keeps Community at the Core
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
1:35 PM - 1:55 PM (EST)
Zion Wright Bobby Gascon David Kaplan

From the inception of the first skateboard shoe to building the blueprint for skateboarding’s debut in the Olympic Games, Vans’ core strategy has always been listening to the community. After all, Vans is a people company that makes shoes. Bobby Gascon, Senior Director of Global Marketing (Action Sports) at Vans gives insight into how the brand listens to their consumer to create a global skateboarding community and fosters growth with various initiatives such as Vans Park Series, Girls Skate India, etc. Rather than just donating money to sponsorships, Vans takes action to build these communities from the ground up. Vans Skater & Olympian, Zion Wright knows first-hand that Vans goes beyond the product, recently representing Vans at the grand opening of a their new skatepark in Salt Lake City. At the core of these initiatives - the skateboarders at ground zero. Through various community building initiatives, Vans aims to raise awareness on the importance of supporting skateboarding’s development at the community level, even as the sport gets closer to the mainstream spotlight.

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Main Stage