Raising the Roof on Retail Media
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 9:35 AM - 9:55 AM
Abi Subramanian Sherry Smith

What do environmentally conscious lumber, ENERGY STAR certified washers & dryers, top quality paint & stains - that you need to enhance your home lifestyle have in common? They’re all being introduced and made available to shoppers through online and offline ads that inspire and match creative DIYers and pros to the global and niche retailers who can bring their home lifestyle dreams to life.

In this new retail era, shoppers have access to home lifestyle experiences beyond traditional brick & mortar — as leaders like Lowe’s One Roof Media and Criteo empower them to transform the deluge of data that surrounds modern shoppers into unparalleled omnichannel experiences and sales.

Join this session with Criteo’s Sherry Smith and Lowe’s One Roof Media Network’s Abi Subramanian to discover:

  • What this new era of home lifestyle makes possible for today’s brands
  • How Lowe’s and Criteo have partnered to help brands transform a sea of data into incredible omnichannel shopping and commerce experiences and outcomes
  • What types of results brands have already achieved as they tap the power of home lifestyle media to drive success
  • What retail media channels and strategies are working now and what innovations are on the horizon
Session Type
Main Stage