Measuring the Immeasurable: How Adore Me is Evolving its Data-driven Acquisition Strategy for a Privacy-first World
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 10:35 AM - 10:55 AM
Harriet Durnford-Smith Ranjan Roy

The evolving privacy landscape has had a huge impact on performance marketing — marketers needed to quickly adapt to having less data available at their fingertips, and make use of the data that they do have. But little has been discussed how exactly marketers should collect and leverage their zero-party data.

In this session, join Harriet Durnford-Smith, CMO at Adverity, and Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me, where they discuss tangible examples of how Adore Me is using zero-party data retrospectively but also merging it with other data points across the business to anticipate future behavior

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Main Stage