Marie-Laure De Veyt
Marie-Laure De Veyt
Retail Influencer & Innovation Marketing Lead
Marie-Laure, also known as ML, is the Retail Influencer & Innovation Marketing Lead on the Americas Consumer Sales Organization (CSO) at Microsoft. Her primary focus is on developing and executing Microsoft’s Devices and Creativity Retail Influencer Marketing strategy, aimed at maximizing impact across the nation's leading retailers. Prior to her current role, Marie-Laure dedicated five years to the commercial aspect of the business. Initially, she served as Chief of Staff for the Worldwide Marketing & Operations group, followed by a tenure as Senior Marketing Manager for the Microsoft US subsidiary. In these roles, she led marketing strategies for key US Strategic and Major Commercial accounts. Her journey with Microsoft began as a member of the Microsoft Academy for College Hires in Microsoft Belgium before she transitioned to the United States.

Marie-Laure's academic background is extensive, including a bachelor's degree in business economics, a master’s degree in international business management, and a second master’s degree in Marketing Management from the prestigious Vlerick Business School.

Outside of work, ML is a passionate advocate for an active lifestyle. Whether it's horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, hiking, or skiing, she enjoys various outdoor activities around the world. She finds inspiration and fuels her creativity through these adventures, often sharing them with her husband, Michel.