Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Roy Taylor has been Founder and CEO of Ryff Inc. since the company was formed in June 2018. Ryff is the inventor & world leader in VPP (Virtual Product Placement) which delivers real-time, digital dynamic brand integration for sport, social media, film, and television.

Until December 2021 he was also a Director for the Board of BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television Arts) North America. Chairman Emeritus to the Infinity Film Festival he is also Technology Advisor to three film schools, the Beijing Film Academy, Dodge Chapman and The Johnny Carson Center of Emerging Arts.

Previously he was Corporate Vice President and Worldwide Head of AMD Entertainment Studios based out of Hollywood, Los Angeles. Before that Mr. Taylor ran worldwide channel sales at Advanced Micro Devices responsible for $2 Billion annual revenue. He worked at AMD from January 7, 2013.

Prior to AMD Mr. Taylor served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Display Devices Division at MasterImage 3D, where he was responsible for autostereoscopic (glass-free) 3D business. From 1998 to 2010, Mr. Taylor served as Executive Vice President NVIDIA, first as a founder of NVIDIA Europe and later internationally after a transfer to NVIDIA headquarters in Santa Clara in 2005.

Mr. Taylor is principally known for the invention of the ecosystem business model whilst at NVIDIA and for his roles in supporting the video game industry. Mr. Taylor is synonymous with his ‘The Way Its Meant To Be Played’ campaign and the catch phrase ‘Can it play Crysis?’. More recently he has been a vocal advocate for the metaverse including VR, AR and AI. In his role as head of AMD Studios Mr. Taylor was Executive Producer of VRLA, the worlds largest VR event and during this time he picked up Executive Producer credits for three VR productions and the India’s most successful film, Baahubali.