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9:00am-8:00pm EST.

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Giulia Bundesmann Giulia Bundesmann
Primal Screen
Jessica Burdman Jessica Burdman
StratOps Collective
Chief Operator
Jake Burk Jake Burk
Associate Creative Director
Zachary Burkhart Zachary Burkhart
Channel Bakers
Account Manager
Ciaran Burnand Ciaran Burnand
Digital Director
Keelyn Butler Keelyn Butler
Antonio & Paris
Production Manager
larry cahan larry cahan
business development
Jessica Callaghan Jessica Callaghan
Vice President, Creative Strategy
Alaina Callan Alaina Callan
Executive Assistant
Debora Calveche Debora Calveche
Campaigns officer
Elisa Calvello Elisa Calvello
Ethica Wines
PR, Events and Media Manager
Paula Camacho Paula Camacho
Digital Media Manager