Mobile gaming revenue grew to $77.2 billion in 2020, and Newzoo predicts this spend to grow to over $100 million by 2023. The opportunities are limitless. Mobile gaming experts and marketing pros join Adweek to discuss how to cultivate a robust ecosystem of offerings for consumers and brands, and what the future may hold.

Featured Speakers

Adam Deutsch
Managing Director

Paul Gordon
Senior Vice President of Sales

Gabrielle Heyman
Head of Global Ad Sales

Jude O'Connor
Chief Revenue Officer

Nick Street
Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing

Christina Wootton
Vice President, Brand Partnerships


12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek





12:05 PM — 12:25 PM ET

The State of Mobile Gaming: Insights from Deloitte

Consumer spend is set to surpass $204 billion in 2021 across mobile, console, handheld and PC/Mac gaming, according to App Annie. The opportunity for marketers to work with, understand and reach audiences through various touchpoints has never been stronger or more diversified.

Join Deloitte Managing Director Adam Deutsch as he breaks down the current state of mobile gaming industry, shares insights into delivering the best experience for retaining and growing consumers in the ever-changing landscape, as well as trends to incorporate into your strategies for 2022 and beyond.


Adam Deutsch, Managing Director, Deloitte





12:30 PM — 12:50 PM ET


Session details to be announced.


Paul Gordon, Senior Vice President, Sales, Rymax





12:55 PM — 1:15 PM ET

Molson Coors

Session details to be announced.

1:20 PM — 1:40 PM ET

Get in the Game: Emerging Opportunities for Mobile Advertisers

The most brand-friendly gaming channel isn't streaming; it's mobile. The opportunity for brands to engage with gamers has never been more beneficial but the opportunity isn’t free of its hurdles. Fortnite is expensive, custom, and bespoke while Twitch has all the brand safety concerns of social media and then some. So where do marketers go to reach gamers? Join Adweek and Jude O'Connor, CRO of two-time Adweek Readers' Choice Best Mobile Ad Network winner AdColony, for a conversation exploring how mobile games have grown as a channel and how brands can take advantage of the incredible audience diversity and engagement in 2021 and beyond.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How mobile gaming surged during the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping
  • How mobile publishers want to incorporate high-quality brand ad experiences in their apps
  • How to employ best-in-class creative and campaign practices to reach the more than 2 billion mobile gamers worldwide


Jude O'Connor, Chief Revenue Officer, AdColony





1:45 PM — 2:05 PM ET

How 5G Is Taking Mobile Gaming to the Next Level

Of the 7.8 billion people in the world, an estimated 2.7 billion are gamers with a recent surge brought about by the global pandemic and the arrival of 5G. Poised to be a literal game-changer for the mobile games industry, 5G is already offering new opportunities for both developers and advertisers on a significant scale.

In this fireside chat, join Adweek and Yvette Martinez-Rea, Verizon’s VP Partnerships and Sponsorships for a conversation exploring the state of 5G and actionable insights for marketers and solution providers building their strategies for success in the next era of gaming. The conversation will take a close look specifically at how 5G is making gaming more collaborative, competitive, affordable and accessible, predictions for consumer usage patterns and how prepare for the future of the technology.


Yvette Martinez-Rea, Vice President, Partnerships and Sponsorships, Verizon

2:10 PM — 2:30 PM ET

The In-Game Economy: How Mobile Can Diversify Your Video Inventory

Linear TV ratings are declining, and not all of CTV is ad supported. Where else can brands go to find quality video inventory? Games are one of the best kept secrets in the media business, with huge scale and high-quality video inventory. In fact, studies show that Gen Z prefers video games as their primary source of entertainment, ahead of both movies and TV (Deloitte Media Trends 2021). In this session, join Adweek and Zynga and learn how to future proof your video spend through actionable learnings from brands who have already gotten in the game.

Attend this session and learn:

  • How and when to use the different types of video in-game, from :15’s to :06’s and Rewarded
  • The advantages to in-game video vs. CTV and other forms of Digital Video
  • Best practices learned from case studies


Gabrielle Heyman, Head of Global Ad Sales, Zynga 





2:35 PM — 2:55 PM ET


Session details to be announced.


Nick Street, Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing, Vans
Christina Wootton, Vice President, Brand Partnerships, Roblox





3:00 PM — 3:05 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us!


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek





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