A World Without Cookies: Activation and Measurement in Media’s Next Era
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
Alex Macht Derek Baker

For the last 20 years, advertisers have relied on the cookie for connecting, enabling, and measuring the buying, selling, and efficacy of their digital advertising. But that’s about to change. Firefox and Apple have sunset third-party cookies. Google is set to do the same in 2022. When that happens, critical connectors that advertisers rely on will break and there is no like-for-like replacement on the horizon. So what are tangible steps your organization can take to prepare? Join Derek Baker, Principal and CMO Advisory leader at PwC, and Alex Macht, Manager in the CMO Advisory Practice and MarTech subject matter specialist, to begin arming your organization for success in a post-cookie, privacy-first world.

Attend this session and learn:
● What is the FLOC path forward
● How to help simplify the complexity and understand your activation and measurement options
● When to take the first steps and how to build a roadmap to a cookieless media activation and measurement environment

Derek Baker, Principal and CMO Advisory Leader, PwC
Alex Macht, Manager, CMO Advisory Practice, PwC


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