Erin Dress
Full Name
Erin Dress
Job Title
Director of Retail Marketing
Impossible Foods
Speaker Bio
Erin Dress is the Director of Retail Marketing at Impossible Foods, leading a team that aims to target and convert meat eaters to buy and cook Impossible Burger at home (including both retail & direct-to-consumer channels). When Erin joined Impossible Foods, the brand was distributed in only 142 retail stores, and over the past year has grown to over 17,000 retail stores. Before joining Impossible, she most recently led Unilever's Walmart omnichannel e-commerce business across all Unilever categories (from mayonnaise to dry shampoo to natural laundry detergent). At the forefront of the "omnichannel retail pivot," Erin and her team helped bridge between upper-funnel brand marketing and lower-funnel shopper marketing, testing and proving results for how digital marketing efforts supported in-store as well as e-commerce sales. She drove 10X growth on the Walmart omnichannel business in under 3 years, from $10M to $100M+.

Erin's prior work experience includes building a shopper marketing branch of influencer marketing start-up Linqia, advising CPG clients including Coca-Cola and Nestle on their social strategies for Twitter, working directly on the TRESemmé and Degree brands at Unilever, and working as an editor in book publishing. Erin studied English and History at Yale and got her MBA at Wharton.