Cheyenne Anthony
Marketing Manager
Roc Nation
Cheyenne Anthony is a proud Brooklyn native, hailing from the Canarsie area of the borough. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Stony Brook University and went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Pennsylvania. While pursuing her masters degree, Cheyenne not only explored her passion for therapy, but her longtime love for music as well.

Upon completion of her grad school coursework, Cheyenne began her first internship within the music industry. This led Cheyenne to become the Executive Assistant to Grammy-nominated artist Jidenna and allowed her to uncover all the layers of the industry. In October 2018, Cheyenne began working with Dream Chaser Records, supporting acts like Yung Bleu, Calboy and Vory. Currently serving as a marketing manager at Roc Nation Records, Cheyenne leads marketing campaigns for their labels artists and has led hybrid campaigns for apparel brands such as Paper Planes, Footlocker and Puma.

Apart from her full-time job, Cheyenne is a huge advocate for the youth, and in April of 2016 Cheyenne founded the organization- Young, Black and Brooklyn to provide safe spaces and creative outlets for community engagement.
Cheyenne Anthony