Workshop (Hub 3): Beyond Influencers, Prioritizing UGC in Social Media Strategy
Date & Time
Monday, May 9, 2022, 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM
Justin Papermaster David Berger

Social media created a billion-dollar influencer industry but the new consumer is smarter; they think influencer partnerships and collaborations are cool, but when it comes to discovering new brands and products, they trust their network more.

Reaching this "next-gen" of customers is critical to continued growth. Encouraging UGC through customer engagement and social rewards, brands like Lucchese are seeing stronger retention and loyalty, while also benefiting from the greater social presence. The exponential reach of UGC is quickly taking over as the top consumer brand strategy for growth in 2022.

In this workshop, we will discuss how Lucchese continues to innovate marketing keeping its brand top of mind while also engaging its next generation of customers.

This workshop will be streamed live and can be watched here.

For those unable to gain access to the Hub room to watch in-person due to seat capacity limitations, we ask that you stream the session to your device in the lounge.