Full Name
Falon Fatemi
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
Falon Fatemi is the CEO of Fireside which she co-founded with Mark Cuban. Fireside is the first participatory entertainment platform for the best professional creators and brands to accelerate building their own studio, network, and streaming platforms of the future. Utilizing proprietary technology within Fireside's web 3 virtual production studio, creators can produce and distribute live video and audio programs that enable them to connect in real-time with their audience and feel the ‘heat’. The business model allows creators to own their audience, control their content, and get access to viewer analytics that help them predict successful shows/IP. The Fireside platform is Web 2, 3, and Metaverse compatible with multiple monetization opportunities including NFT powered network memberships. Via Fireside, entire new entertainment formats are being invented by Jay Leno, Melissa Rivers, Craig Kilborn, the cast of HBO's hit show Entourage, and more. Falon was previously Google’s youngest employee and is a Fortune 40 Under 40 in Technology winner. In 2020, her previous company Node, an AI as a service company, was acquired by SugarCRM.
Falon Fatemi