Full Name
Erin Wayne
Job Title
Global Head of Player Community
Riot Games
Speaker Bio
Erin “Aureylian” Wayne joined Riot Games as its first Global Head of Player Community in August 2021. She oversees community engagement across all of Riot’s titles, developing community strategies and programming for Riot’s interactions with players across the globe, including direct to community, social, editorial, and influencer relations.

As Riot continues to expand its product portfolio, community engagement couldn’t be more crucial to Riot’s “Player-First” mentality. Erin will play a major part in Riot’s effort to evolve the art of engagement in bold new directions with the goal of strengthening player relationships and deepening
the sense of connection across all of Riot’s IP.

Prior to Riot, Erin spent seven years at Twitch, where she created and led their community marketing team, focused on engaging, exciting, and educating Twitch’s users. She also oversaw creator marketing, influencer marketing, and internal business partners across Twitch and its parent company Amazon.

Erin graduated with a double BA from Lindenwood University and currently resides in St. Louis with her husband and daughter.
Erin Wayne