Social Media Week,
the Europe Edition:
Innovation at the Edge

Web 3. Metaverse. NFTs. The social-media world has never been more dynamic, exciting or complex. Marketers who can decode the new rules of engagement wrought by groundbreaking new technologies and platforms will find success in this new era. But the key will be understanding nuances and implementing effectively.

Social Media Week Europe, Adweek’s premiere summit for social media and digital marketing leaders in the region, returns 7-9 November. For the second year in a row, this bespoke event will bring the industry’s brightest minds together to showcase insights and strategies for brand-building in a new era.


Day 1

Entering the World of
Social Media 3.0

Welcome to the future of social media which is already the here and now. This is a world where technology and creativity are converging at speed to create virtual experiences that focus on customer engagement while evolving the brand’s own potential as a provider of entertainment. With the emergence of interest around the next stage of the internet – referred to as Web 3.0 including the use of blockchain technology and growing brand use of their own Metaverse and NFTs – on day one of SMW Europe we will examine where social media is going and what it means for brands adapting to those developments.

Day 2

Brands Building Fandom – Connecting and Growing Communities

Marketers are discovering new ways to drive connections and build fandom for their brands through the power of emerging digital technology. Be this through influencer partnerships, the development of a metaverse strategy or tapping into the NFT art craze, there are significant brand building opportunities – but how do they do this meaningfully and successfully? On day two of SMW Europe, we’ll explore how brands and agencies can begin to build relationships with customers or evolve existing relationships through Web 3.0 strategies that excite audiences through new experiences and relevant communications.

Day 3

The Next Frontier: Harnessing the Cutting Edge of Social Media to Establish Brand Influence and Create Lasting Impact

Venture beyond the hashtag, the handle and the shiny new object. Now's the time to leverage new opportunities in strategic marketing that will establish your brand as an industry leader and affect meaningful change in culture and society. By embracing emerging and transformational social media strategies, brands can play a more central role in tackling economic, environmental and other global issues that impact business. On day three of SMW Europe, marketers will learn how to unlock the full promise of digital opportunity to drive the future of the industry, bring narrative and customer engagement to new realms and scale business results.


Choose from premium, standard and virtual passes, or enjoy a full week of event access with in-person and virtual bundle options to attend both Social Media Week and Brandweek Europe.

#SMWEurope attendees will sharpen their social media marketing skills with behind-the-scenes insights into successful campaigns from Europe’s top brands. The experience goes beyond presentations to deliver a forum for global networking and a place to share ideas and solve for relevant industry challenges. Special discounts are available for Adweek+ Subscribers, undergrad students and non-profits contact us here.

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Highlights: Includes all Social Media Week Europe virtual pass benefits, plus virtual access to Brandweek Europe, Adweek’s premier experience for senior-level brand marketers, taking place 10 Nov. 



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