Sophia Kakouratos
Associate Director, CPG and Beauty
Sophia Kakouratos is Associate Director for CPG and Beauty at global creator commerce company, Whalar. Sophia is passionate about culture and communities and is committed to showcasing the value of positioning creators at the heart of brand marketing strategies in authentic, meaningful, and profitable ways.

She leads a dynamic team of women working closely with diverse brands to create impactful and engaging content that is bold and resonates with audiences across various social platforms.

Before joining Whalar in 2021, she built a robust career in media and advertising, working with household name brands across entertainment, food, drink, finance, fashion, and beauty. She comprehensively understands various advertising forms, from print to OOH, experiential to digital, and, more recently, creator marketing. Sophia has also always advocated for creative excellence across all media types.

Sophia loves cooking and recreating meals she’s enjoyed dining out or spotted on TikTok and Instagram. In addition, she is a self-titled music connoisseur and is no stranger to the karaoke booth.

Sophia Kakouratos