How Uber and Postmates Leverage Pop Culture for Brand
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM (PDT)
Ben Trinh Stephanie Paterik

Ben Trinh, Global Head of Entertainment and Cultural Marketing at Uber will share insights on the successful strategy of leveraging influencers and celebrity partners to create 360 marketing campaigns from his time at Postmates (acquired by Uber) and how he is thinking about it now at Uber. Entertainment and talent partnerships sit at the core of Ben's marketing strategy and he will speak on how him and his team thinks about weaponizing pop culture for the brand. 

Attend this session and learn: 

  • How to work with celebrities and influencers, and what to pay, or not pay, them 
  • How do you build real relationships in the entertainment industry 
  • How to navigate the intersection between tech and entertainment


Ben Trinh, Global Head of Entertainment and Cultural Marketing, Uber
Stephanie Paterik, Editor In Chief, Adweek

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Main Stage