Think Small: How Micro and Nano Influencers Drive Big Change
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
10:25 AM - 10:45 AM (PDT)
S. David Ramirez Ivonne Aldaz

When it comes to influencers, leading brands think small. Micro-influencers are real people with real influence. They may have smaller follower counts, but when properly activated by a brand through user-generated content, these influencers drive a sense of authenticity and brand affinity that can outperform larger content creators. Brands, like Canon, are using micro-influencers to celebrate creativity while building brand affinity with new customers.

Attend this session and learn: 

  • Explore the stats and measurables behind micro influencers
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges around activating small audience influencers
  • Dive into how Canon is using micro-influencers to build awareness, drive sales, and connect with a newer, younger audience of digital creatives


Ivonne Aldaz, Future of Marketing Researcher, Marketing Specialist, TINT
S. David Ramirez, Senior Marketing Manager, TINT

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Main Stage