TikTok Creators: Unlocking Success With Creativity and Authenticity
Thursday, July 1, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:10 AM (PDT)
Dare Ajibare Dan Muthama Laylo Qasim Stacy Thiru Challan Trishann Sir Carter

Join Adweek winners for Creator House Of The Year The Crib Around The Corner as they discuss the strategies behind their millions of views on TikTok, how they really feel about diversity initiatives, and what it takes to make a branded post take off.


Dare Ajibare, TikTok Creator, @captaindare
Dan Muthama, TikTok Creator, @strawhatdan
Laylo Qasim, TikTok Creator, @layloqasim
Stacy Thiru, TikTok Creator, @stacythiru
Challan Trishann, TikTok Creator, @challxn
Sir Carter, TikTok Creator, @sirthestar

Session Type
Main Stage