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Hannah Bronfman
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Hannah Bronfman, a native of NYC, is a modern day renaissance woman. As a graduate of Bard College where she studied fine art, she has built a reputation as a celebrity and influencer through her work as an Entrepreneur and Health and Wellness Expert, as well as her passion for investing and activism. Bronfman released her first book, “Do What Feels Good” on January 8, 2019 by publishing house Harper Wave.

As a firm believer of the mantra, "your body is a temple," Hannah routinely shares her homemade recipes and workout regimens via her social media accounts. She can be seen concocting everything from her daily smoothie to raw granola to almond milk. She has turned this passion for wellness and food into a career by founding the brand HBFIT, a unique destination for all things Health, Beauty + Fitness. HBFIT offers its followers a marketplace which consists of product such as a CBD bath bomb which was launched in collaboration with Highline Wellness in June 2020 and content in the form of newsletters and social channels.

Hannah has also been a vocal advocate for social and racial justice and is dedicated to using her platform to increase her followers awareness of Black History and the current challenges that the country is facing. Beginning in June 2020, Hannah began posting “History with Hannah” videos to her IGTV. These videos cover things such as voting rights, civil rights history and the contributions that Black artists and chefs have made to the American culture.

Over the years, Bronfman has established herself as an angel investor across multiple industries. Her mission, when it comes to investing and helping companies grow, is to back companies she believes brings uniqueness to an already saturated space, and ones that align with her own ethos. She invests in over 30 companies, many of which have become well-known brands such as Golde, Topicals, Wellory, Bread Beauty Supply, Supergreat.

Hannah has served as a DJ for some of the greatest fashion/art events and corporate clients worldwide, including brands such as Bacardi, Bvgalri, Chopard, Clinique, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Ebay, Fendi, H&M, Moet-Chandon, NARS, Samsung, SONY and UNICEF.

Bronfman’s success has led to global recognition. She has been featured in a number of global endorsement campaigns and by numerous publications for various print and online stories, hosted or co-hosted programs for channels such as E!, Popsugar, VH1 and Food Network and has served as a guest editor/blogger for outlets such as Teen Vogue, ASOS, Elle Australia and Equinox.
Hannah Bronfman