Full Name
Violet Benson
Job Title
Daddy Issues and Too Tired To Be Crazy Podcast
Speaker Bio
Violet Benson started the Daddy Issues Instagram account on July 5, 2014. Since that time, Violet has earned over 4 million Instagram followers and is one of the most prominent female voices within the meme community. While posting under Daddy Issues, Benson kept her identity a secret until August 2015 when she revealed her identity via an exclusive interview with MTV. Before her big reveal, Benson served as a guest blogger for MTV during the pre-show coverage for the 2015 Video Music Awards and was later named "The Instagram Meme Queen" by Vanity Fair. Benson's Instagram stardom led to her signing with CAA. Benson then launched her own website, which includes blogs, memes, videos, an advice column and her own clothing brand. Benson also partnered with Facebook in 2017 to create her own show called "Top Five With Violet Benson", she then partnered with Awesomeness in 2018 and created, wrote and starred in a YouTube series called "How To Lose A Guy". In 2019, Benson started her podcast called, "Too Tired To Be Crazy".
Violet Benson