Christopher Bouzy
Christopher Bouzy
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Bouzy is a tech entrepreneur, software engineer, and social media expert with a strong background in encryption algorithms, software development, and tracking mis/disinformation. He has made significant strides in bot detection, leveraging his skills to create innovative solutions that address the problem.

Born and raised in New York, Christopher pursued his passion for technology and coding at the age of nine. Christopher is best known as the founder and CEO of Bot Sentinel, a platform designed to detect and track automated accounts, commonly known as bots, on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Launched in 2018, Bot Sentinel has become a valuable tool for identifying and combating disinformation campaigns, political manipulation, and other forms of online abuse. Through his work with Bot Sentinel, Christopher has demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges that social media platforms face in maintaining the integrity of their ecosystems.

In an ambitious move to create a safer and more inclusive social media experience, Christopher recently launched Spoutible, a Twitter alternative that aims to prevent targeted harassment, abuse, and the spread of mis/disinformation. Building on the success and expertise gained through his work with Bot Sentinel, Christopher designed Spoutible with robust mechanisms that proactively identify and eliminate harmful content and malicious actors.

The platform is driven by a mission to foster healthier online interactions and empower users to engage in constructive dialogue, free from the harmful effects of disinformation and abusive behavior. Spoutible has quickly gained traction among users who appreciate its commitment to user safety and its innovative approach to combating the challenges that have long plagued social media platforms.

As an advocate for digital literacy and online safety, Christopher frequently shares his insights and expertise with the public. He has been featured as a guest speaker at conferences, participated in panel discussions, and contributed to various publications, shedding light on the issues surrounding social media, bots, and disinformation.

Christopher Bouzy's commitment to creating a safer and more transparent online environment, along with his technical expertise, has earned him recognition as a leader and influencer in the world of technology and social media. As he continues to innovate and develop new solutions to address digital challenges, his work is sure to make a lasting impact on the way we navigate and engage with the online world.