Jeremy Jankowski
Jeremy Jankowski
Manager of Content Partnerships
Jeremy is a seasoned digital expert with over 17 years of experience in building and leading digital efforts, consulting across various tech/ social media endeavors and partnership digital sales. Currently, he spearheads all Publishing and Media Cos partnerships at Pinterest. In this role, Jeremy collaborates closely with influential publishing houses and media companies to develop content on the platform that bolsters their business, while also shaping the future of publishing and monetization strategies on Pinterest.

Jeremy's expertise lies in social and content publishing, influencer marketing, branded content, and experiential marketing. He is recognized for his ability to significantly scale digital businesses from the ground up, leveraging his profound understanding of the advertising and social media landscape from conceptualization to final execution.

Renowned as a 360-degree brand builder and a thought leader, Jeremy excels in predicting content trends and identifying emerging opportunities in the dynamic digital media landscape. His unique blend of skills encompasses both content ideation and monetization strategies. Notably, Jeremy has achieved record-breaking revenue results for renowned companies such as Glam/ Mode Media, Refinery29, and most recently, by successfully transforming publishing and sales mediums for the prestigious home brand, domino magazine.