DeAndre Brown
DeAndre Brown
Content Creator and Consultant
Self-proclaimed Corporate Baddie DeAndre Brown has always had a skill at working in corporate America. While studying business marketing at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, DeAndre landed a slew of high-level internships, including opportunities within the Supreme Court of NYC, Citigroup, and even landing apprenticeships with Goldman Sachs. His skills piqued the interest of those around him as he masterfully landed highly sought-after opportunities and job offer negotiations in his favor.

Grateful to have these skills taught early on and partially coming naturally to him, DeAndre took note of how many young professionals still struggle with learning their way around corporate America. As the pandemic gave way to TikTok due to its trendy dances and DIY projects, DeAndre saw the perfect opportunity to jump on a platform that would provide him with the opportunity to talk about work, touch on best career advice as a new grad, and share valuable resume and interviewing skills. Quickly becoming recognized as The Corporate Baddie, users immediately latched on. Within months, he’d amassed thousands of followers and gone viral over his humorous posts depicting Gen Z in the workforce. With his content filling a much-needed gap within incoming Gen Zers and their older employers, DeAndre’s comedic content sheds much-needed light on proper workplace boundaries, including how to respect yourself and ultimately encouraging followers to love what they do.

With hopes to continue being a career influencer, DeAndre hopes his tips continue to reach new followers of all ages and demographics, ultimately with the hopes his commentary about Gen Z workplace attitudes assists in reimagining what professionalism really means for future generations to come.

Outside the viral platform, the Chicago, Illinois native has taken part in various panels and most recently taken part in his very own Ted Talk, highlighting his personal struggles with overcoming discouraging notions within the workforce. He also hopes to put together networking events and looks to work with charities that support educational resources to underserved communities. In his free time, he enjoys listening to some of his favorite motivational podcasts but also appreciates spending quality time with friends, his cockapoo, Harper and, in true foodie nature, eating out.