Ronnie Singh
Ronnie Singh
Head of Lifestyle and Content Marketing
Parlaying his beginnings as an avid gamer, active on message boards with a clear vision for the future of social content, Ronnie Singh, AKA “Ronnie 2K”, rose up from his fan origins to become the face of NBA 2K. In just a few short years, he carved out his niche, leveraging his passion for gaming into becoming a social media force across the gaming, sports, and entertainment landscapes. Singh is now 2K’s Head of Lifestyle & Content Marketing where he maintains relationships with some of the world's most popular athletes, celebrities, musicians, and influencers.

Since joining 2K in 2008, Singh built his reputation on the strength of his vision, believing that an authentic, friendly direct-to-consumer voice could forge relationships with top talent and blue-chip brands. His engaging content helped him grow a social media audience of over 3 million organic followers and raised the awareness of 2K, serving as a conduit for designers, artists and brands looking to collaborate.

Being that connective tissue between 2K’s community, players and developers, Singh’s social presence is an authentic brand that’s the first of its kind in the gaming industry. With responsibilities that include hosting duties, talent interviews, ratings reveals and pre-release details of games, Ronnie is focused on leading the charge for innovative, bold and inclusive marketing. Singh and 2K pride themselves on giving gamers of all backgrounds the opportunity to connect, create, express and engage with the titles they love to play, and his ascent is a model for all young gamers hoping to turn their passion into a career.

In addition to his work at 2K, Singh is extremely passionate about giving back. He’s partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation where he has granted over 50 wishes. Ronnie also extends his services to 2K Foundations, 2K’s philanthropic effort that elevates underserved communities by refurbishing athletic courts and fields as well as providing access to education, art and music.

Singh has been featured in numerous publications including Sports Illustrated, Fast Company, Forbes, GQ, Complex and Entrepreneur. In 2023, he was named to Adweek’s Creative 100.