Tameka Bazile
Tameka Bazile
Manager of Social Media Strategy
Tameka Bazile is a 6-year Social and Content Strategist and current Manager of Social Media Strategy at TIME. A Brooklyn, New York native, Tameka began her journey to digital marketing when she began freelancing as a virtual assistant in 2018 then transitioning to social media management. Within two years, Tameka scaled TB Co., a social media management agency scaled to over 6-figures, launching dozens of women-led personal brands to over $1 million in revenue. In 2021, Tameka embraced a new challenge when she pivoted into web3 finding alignment with the space's focus on creator equity, data ownership, and digital innovation.

Tameka is also a content creator with an engaged community on LinkedIn, where she spills raw truths about social media as a profession and culture, the importance of personal branding for professionals, and entrepreneurship. She’s also a skincare, lifestyle, and relationships creator with plans to expand to TikTok and Pinterest this year.

Tameka has been featured in Business Insider, MSNBC, and CNBC as a featured guest on social media related topics and has been a featured speaker for dozens of digital summits and national conferences.