Beach Talks
If I'm Playing, I'm Engaging

Building a Winning Strategy Between Brands, Creators and Communities to Reach New Audiences

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 10:10 AM - 10:30 AM

People are most engaged when they are having fun. In today's digital era, creators and communities on the world's most engaging platforms play a crucial role in delivering that fun to new audiences.

Join industry experts Rema Vasan, Head of Global Gaming Business Marketing at TikTok; Winnie Burke, Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships at Roblox; Mike Sepso, Co-founder and CEO at Vindex; Khleo Thomas, TikTok Creator; and Jamie Gutfreund, Chief Growth Officer at Whalar, as they delve into how brands can effectively connect with these audiences through creators, communities and immersive experiences. Gain valuable insights and discover winning strategies for building partnerships, measuring programs, driving engagement and captivating new audiences in the dynamic landscape of digital entertainment.

Winnie Burke Mike Sepso Khleo Thomas - Creator Rema Vasan Jamie Gutfreund