Faye Liddle-Moore
Faye Liddle-Moore
Global Head, Brand Studio
Faye Liddle-Moore is Outbrain’s Global Head of Brand Studio, a creative service that supports specific brand objectives and creative delivery through data-led, custom experiences. She’s built and leads a global in-house team to deliver client-centric creative solutions that push the boundaries of their marketing campaigns. Prior to her current role, Faye was instrumental in building the Outbrain advertiser business in the UK and the rest of Northern Europe as Commercial Director.

In 2023, Insider named Faye a “Rising Star of Adtech,” celebrating her unique blend of creative flair and strategic thinking in the industry. She is also strongly committed to humanitarian efforts, having led Outbrain Brand Studio as a platform for people to donate to non-profit organizations such as Save the Children International, American Red Cross, and Unicef USA, following the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

Faye is based in London, and is a proud mother of one. In her free time, she passionately supports various women's empowerment organizations and initiatives in London and across the UK.