Marta Cyhan-Bowles
Full Name
Marta Cyhan-Bowles
Job Title
Chief Marketing Officer
Speaker Bio
MARTA CYHAN-BOWLES has two decades of world-class marketing strategy experience, driving the successful growth of global brands with innovative initiatives to achieve unprecedented growth and market share. Laser-focused on next generation solutions, her core strength is in effectively challenging the status quo to help companies improve upon or discover new possibilities for growth and expansion possibilities in target markets. Accomplished and dedicated, Marta is especially skilled at helping organizations thrive in turbulent economies to meet market demands.
Driven by a fundamental belief that has shaped the success of her career and the Fortune 100 companies she has worked with, Marta is passionate about utilizing differentiated approaches to ignite a brand and investing in her team and the people that power the strategy to drive measurable change. A mentor at heart, she has developed high-performing teams around the globe to thrive in volatile markets.
A consistent performer with broad knowledge of best-in-class marketing strategies and deep experience establishing valuable channel partners for clients, she has worked across multiple continents navigating varying regulatory compliance rules and delivering on the unique needs of complex organizations representing multiple brands. A multi-cultural business leader, Marta knows to leverage consumer and market trends and identify valuable resources and partners to help implement fast-start engagement programs that will quickly move the needle and influence buying decisions and loyalty.
A senior strategist and project manager, Marta is skilled at unifying scattered stakeholders, and igniting a passion for results cross the business ecosystem. Energetic, and an accomplished public speaker and presenter, Marta knows how to get to the core of what motivates consumers and guide senior leaders to stand behind ideas and influence desired strategies and investments.
Marta has delivered exceptional results in multiple industries, leading marketing strategy and powerful initiatives in several industries including retail, food and beverage, beauty, cooking, manufacturing and a host of other corporate, media and private equity clients.