Brad Smallwood
Full Name
Brad Smallwood
Job Title
Former Head of Measurement and Insights
Facebook/Whalar Board Member
Speaker Bio
Brad Smallwood was Facebook’s VP of Marketing Science who built and ran Facebook’s measurement practice for more than 12 years. Along the way, he helped design Facebook’s early advertising products and built out the strategy that put measurement and value at the core of how Facebook designed its advertising system. He was responsible for a variety of industry-first measurement products including FB polling, the FB conversion lift product, Nielsen Brandlift, Nielsen DAR/TAR, and Datalogix/Oracle Data Cloud ROI measurement to name a few.

Mr Smallwood joined Facebook in 2008, at a time when annual revenues had just topped $100 million. While there, he hired and oversaw a group of more than 500, who helped advertisers measure digital ad effectiveness and built industry leading analytical and measurement tools. Prior to joining Facebook, Smallwood was General Manager of Yahoo’s multi-billion dollar display advertising business. He also worked at startups Namezero, AllAdvantage and Revcube, where he developed a series of state-of-the-art ad targeting and ad serving techniques.