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*Please note: As of Feb. 12th, all Taste of Brandweek sessions have reached capacity. Confirmation will be sent via email by an Adweek team member following selection deadline. While participation is possible from anywhere, products are only available to be shipped within the United States. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Risk big, win big. Be brave, like Lume! — AT CAPACITY

FEBRUARY 22 @ 10:30am ET

Founder and CEO of Lume Deodorant, Dr. Shannon Klingman has pioneered a new category in human hygiene, but not before her idea was pitched to and rejected by 5 leading CPG manufacturers. Come learn why a “NO” may lead to lost opportunity and why it’s important to fight for the innovators on your team. Being “better different” requires you to step way out of your “sea of sameness” comfort zone, but if viewed through the right lens, it’s a no brainer. Be brave like Lume. We go where no other deodorant has gone before.
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shannon klingman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lume

Challenging with Compassion: The Creamery of Tomorrow with Miyoko's Creamery — AT CAPACITY


How Miyoko’s Creamery is revolutionizing the dairy industry with plants and compassion.
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miyoko schinner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Miyoko’s Creamery

Snowe: Home Essentials Worth Staying Home For — AT CAPACITY


Join Snowe Co-Founder and Co-CEO Rachel Cohen and Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product Erica Peppers for a dynamic discussion about the importance of being nimble with your Marketing & Merchandising strategy. Snowe is building the home destination for the next generation—creating essentials for the entire home that are as irresistible as humanly possible, including for your bed, bath, table and more. When the pandemic hit, and everyone started spending all of their time at home, they were able to navigate the challenges using thoughtful customer communication and creative merchandising solutions that allowed them to react to the changing market dynamics. Hear firsthand about their successes, learnings, and surprises from the past year and beyond.

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rachel cohen

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Snowe

erica peppers

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product, Snowe

Living Without Compromise — AT CAPACITY


Beer without alcohol? Who’s asking for that? Join Athletic Brewing Co-founders Bill Shufelt and John Walker as they blow up your assumptions about athletic beer, expand your taste palate and explain how they're using new ideas and fresh approaches to rewrite the rules in the beer industry, allowing drinkers to live “without compromise”.
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john walker

Co-founder, Athletic Brewing

bill shufelt

Co-founder, Athletic Brewing

Influencer Marketing with Balance Athletica — AT CAPACITY


The founders of one of athleisure’s fastest growing brands, Balance Athletica will discuss how influencer marketing has been a key pillar in their rapid growth. Just as importantly, they can speak to how it has helped pushed forward a mission of size inclusivity.
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taylor dilk

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Balance Athletica

chloe chamberlain

Co-founder and Designer, Balance Athletica

stephen dilk

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Balance Athletica

Reflecting on 2020 with Dagne Dover — AT CAPACITY


Join Melissa Mash as she discusses the challenges the Dagne Dover brand has faced, and how successful pivots led to opportunities to further connect with their community and increase customer loyalty.
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melissa mash

Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, Dagne Dover

Embracing the Feeling of Vacation Every Day with Kenny Flowers — AT CAPACITY


Join Kenny Haisfield, founder of resortwear brand Kenny Flowers, and his fiancée Christina Vidal, head of Kenny Flowers’ Watercolors swimwear line, as they chat about making floral shirts that aren’t your dad’s, running a travel-focused DTC brand in the midst of a global pandemic and how they got Jimmy Buffett to wear Kenny Flowers on his summer tour. Mahalo!
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kenny haisfield

Founder, Kenny Flowers

christina vidal

Evolution of Personalization: How Bespoke Post Optimized Curation Over Time — AT CAPACITY


Bespoke Post’s goal has always been to deliver curated goods (hence the name) but every startup, well, starts somewhere. Beginning with just one box, over the past 10 years Bespoke Post has grown to launch over 15 boxes per month, meaning club members receive box options personalized to their tastes and interests. Chief Marketing Officer Alvaro De La Rocha will walk you through just how a mix of data, testing, and a little bit of human curation goes a long way to personalizing—and optimizing—the customer experience.
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alvaro de la rocha

Chief Marketing Officer, Bespoke Post

Effectively Diversifying Sales Channels to Scale Your Brand with RAILS — AT CAPACITY


As we navigate a rapidly shifting retail landscape, how does a brand weigh the pros and cons of investing in various sales channels? We invite you to join Jeff Abrams, Founder and Creative Director of the global lifestyle brand RAILS, to discuss a diversified approach to reaching consumers. Throughout 2020, RAILS saw a spike in growth among its e-commerce platform, opened its first brick-and-mortar, and continued to foster relationships among a network of more than 1,000 wholesale retailers. Throughout this session, Jeff will speak to the importance of investing in the right channels at the right time, in order to effectively scale one's brand. 
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jeff abrams

Founder and Creative Director, RAILS

This is Baby Food Now — A Talk with Industry Leaders from Yumi — AT CAPACITY


Join Yumi Founders Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland for a discussion surrounding all things baby food and childhood nutrition. Combining real food and real moments, Yumi goes above and beyond to deliver fresh, organic, nutritious baby food that is thoughtfully designed with your child’s needs in mind. Attendees will hear firsthand from the founders and industry leaders on the importance of serving your child real, science-backed baby food and how Yumi is reinventing modern parenthood.
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evelyn rusli

Founder, Yumi

angela sutherland

Founder, Yumi

Digital Growth Through Social: Paid and Organic with Tea — AT CAPACITY


Founded in 2015, Tea Drops is a woman founded, innovative tea company with a mission to inspire human connection through tea. Tea Drops ethically sources all of their organic teas, and sheds about 20% less waste than traditional tea bag packaging. Tea
Drops has become a favorite among new and experienced tea drinkers alike, launching innovative tea experiences that merge flavorful blends, unique product formats, and convenience. Tea Drops can be found in over 1,600 retail stores nationwide, as well as online and Home Shopping Network (HSN), and has been featured on Good Morning America and in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Los Angeles Times. Tea Drops is also loved by notable figures such as, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Chrissy Teigen, Tory Burch, and Oprah Magazine.

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isabella tejada

Senior Marketing Associate, Tea Drops 

lan tran-sellitti

Director of Digital Growth, Tea Drops

Snacking Towards a Healthier Planet with Eat The Change — AT CAPACITY


We are at a critical moment in the war against climate change. From longer wildfire seasons to more frequent droughts, it’s no secret that change is needed now. But with a problem so big, how can the actions and choices individuals make on a daily basis create positive change? The answer might be on your plate. Our dietary choices are the single biggest impact we can make on a daily basis. From limiting food waste to increasing biodiversity and reducing animal-derived foods, there are a myriad of factors in our control. Join Eat The Change’s climate-minded founders Seth Goldman and Chef Spike Mendelsohn as they discuss the importance of eating with intention, how to introduce a climatarian diet into your life, and share delicious eco-friendly snacks they're creating with the planet in mind.
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seth goldman

Founder and Chief Change Agent, Eat the Change™

spike mendelsohn

Co-Founder and Chef, Eat the Change™

Mid-morning Mindfulness with Bearaby — AT CAPACITY


Ever wondered if weighted blankets are all they’re cracked up to be? Bearaby’s founder, Kathrin Hamm, invites you to experience their science-backed benefits for yourself. You’ll get to test Bearaby’s patented, hand-knit design while Kathrin herself walks you through how to get the most out of your weighted blanket. She’ll also share how she came to realize the importance of prioritizing sleep and, in turn, innovate on an already beloved niche medical device that doesn’t compromise the health of the planet. 
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kathrin hamm

Founder, Bearaby

Building Meaningful Brands with Homesick — AT CAPACITY


Ever thought about what your hometown smells like? Or identified the distinct blend of fragrances that make your grandma’s kitchen so cozy? Since 2016, Homesick has built its business on pondering questions like these to help customers stay connected to the things that matter most to them. When COVID hit, this approach proved invaluable. Join Homesick General Manager Brandon Park as he discusses how building emotional connections with customers can help brands thrive in these uncertain times.
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brandon park

General Manager, Homesick Candles

Cookie Break with Levain Bakery — AT CAPACITY


Iconic New York City bakery Levain Bakery is celebrated as home of the world’s best cookie. What started in 1995 as a small bread shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan has grown into an omnichannel business with 8 retail locations (and growing!), a booming ecommerce gifting business and packaged cookies now being sold in the freezer section of retail stores across the country.  Join Interim Chief Marketing Officer — and fellow sweet tooth — Ellen Roggemann for a delicious break in your day and learn about how she’s helping to scale this 25-year-old brand into new channels, while keeping joy and playfulness at the forefront.
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ellen roggemann

Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Levain Bakery

Diversity and Inclusion in the "Great" Outdoors with Eddie Bauer — AT CAPACITY


We invite you to connect with Kristen Elliott, Vice President of Marketing at one of the leading outdoor brands, Eddie Bauer. Throughout this session, Kristen will touch on the importance of diversity and inclusion and how to keep your company accountable for effecting positive change. See how Eddie Bauer is bringing the benefits of the outdoors to all communities, particularly those who are underrepresented, and is striving to make sure ALL people feel invited, accepted, and validated in their full range of outdoor experiences.
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kristen elliott

Vice President of Marketing, Eddie Bauer

Happy Hour: How We’re Taking on Big Hard Seltzer — AT CAPACITY


We became the #4 hard seltzer in our launch market with zero sales and marketing support. How did we do it? We built a premium brand with personality, authenticity, and loyalty...and launched it on National TV. Join us as we sample our sparkling hard teas and discuss our journey, from concept through launch to turning down several acquisition offers, all of which was documented on the hit Bravo reality series, Summer House.
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kyle cooke

Founder, Loverboy

Why Sustainability Should Be at The Heart of Brand Culture with John Hardy — AT CAPACITY


We invite you to join Suzanne Hader, CMO of John Hardy, to discuss how the brand's celebration of artisanship, culture, and tradition, is at the root of their efforts to build a more sustainable future. Throughout this session, Suzanne will speak to John Hardy's roots in Bali, fostering a conversation around the importance of extending your sustainability efforts beyond just product - ensuring that it is at the heart of the business as you develop brand culture. 
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suzanne hader

Chief Marketing Officer

Bouquet Making and Brand Marketing with UrbanStems — AT CAPACITY


Learn how to create a modern floral arrangement with UrbanStems and discuss how this floral online company leaned into their mission of connection this past year.
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megan bailey darmody

Director of Press, Events and Partnerships, UrbanStems

The Pandemic Pivot with Brooklinen — AT CAPACITY


A pandemic is unpredictable, but risk is not. Being able to pivot is an essential element of your toolbox - hear how Brooklinen managed to redirect in 2020.
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katherine o'keefe

Director of Partnerships and Public Relations, Brooklinen

Surprise & Delight: A Perfect Subscription Box Experience with Bulu — AT CAPACITY


Bulu launched the sixth Subscription Box to hit the market in 2012. Since then, Bulu has launched and managed dozens of programs in partnership with brands like Disney, GNC, Crayola, Lululemon, Discovery Channel Shark Week, and more, to bring the unique consumer experience (and recurring revenue) of a Subscription Box to these storied brands' offerings. Unbox a surprise alongside Bulu Co-Founder and CEO Paul Jarrett, and hear the big fails and bigger wins in Bulu's pursuit to create the perfect Subscription Boxes. 
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paul jarrett

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bulu

How the Home Category Became Hot with Burrow — SOLD OUT


Join co-founder and CEO of Burrow, Stephen Kuhl, to learn about how the furniture category evolved into the $125B+ industry it is today. He'll shed light on the rise and fall of incumbents, provide his predictions for future of home and retail, and give a behind-the-scenes look at Burrow's clever design process.

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stephen kuhl

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Burrow

The Impact of Building Community and Trust in the World of Wellness with Bragg Live Food Products — AT CAPACITY


On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers across the globe are seeking ways to prioritize wellness within their daily lives. We invite you to connect with Linda Boardman, CEO of Bragg, as she discusses how their century-long efforts to educate, establish trust, and foster community, have established the company as a go-to destination for wellness wisdom through 2020. 
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linda boardman

Chief Executive Officer, Bragg Live Food Products, LLC

Finding the Awe-someness in User-Centric Technology with Awe Inspired — AT CAPACITY


In a world where consumers have access to an endless array of product at their fingertips, how does an emerging direct-to-consumer brand stand out amongst its competitors? We invite you to connect with Max Johnson, 27-year-old CEO & Co-Founder of the socially conscious jewelry brand, Awe Inspired. Throughout this session, Max will explain his journey to scaling the brand through building meaningful connections with his consumers by way of user-centric technology and philanthropic efforts.
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max johnson

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Awe Inspired