Savannah Sachs
Full Name
Savannah Sachs
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
Savannah Sachs is the CEO of TULA - the skincare brand that sits at the intersection of beauty and wellness with a clean, clinical approach to beauty that looks at research and clinical studies to continuously innovate in skincare with breakthrough products, and cutting-edge ingredient formulations that include probiotic extracts and superfoods.
Since taking the helm in 2018, Savannah has grown TULA as a digitally native & social first omni-channel brand with DTC as its core capability. Savannah has been instrumental in furthering the democratization of beauty playing key roles in the brand’s retail partnerships and building upon TULA’s already strong omni channel footprint. With brick and mortar distribution in Ulta, Ulta Beauty at Target, Nordstrom and most recently, Sephora Canada, brick and mortar is one of TULA’s fastest growing channels. Savannah has also remained dedicated to building the happy, high-performing team behind TULA’s impressive growth.
Under Savannah’s leadership, TULA launched the #EmbraceYourSkin initiative, which was created following a TULA customer survey that found 70% of respondents felt beauty ads degrade their self confidence. #EmbraceYourSkin aims to be a catalyst for positive change, inclusivity and skin positivity and works to make others feel confident and to #EmbraceYourSkin. Savannah is the driving force behind redefining industry standards of beauty and rethinking brand language, social norms, and imagery.
Prior to joining TULA, Savannah held positions as COO and UK General Manager at Birchbox, which offers personalized beauty subscriptions paired with discovery e-commerce. Savannah has also worked in management consulting at Booz & Company advising Fortune 500 retail, personal care, and pharmaceutical clients. Her consulting experience in strategy, organizational effectiveness, and talent management are instrumental in driving rapid growth and scaling businesses.