The pandemic has been a test of agility, accelerating trends and growth in rapid time. As the world remains hopeful for an eventual return to normalcy, retailers are desperate to peer into the future for what’s in store for their businesses.

Hear from retail innovators and experts on how to succeed in a crowded e-commerce marketplace, the return to brick and mortar and rethinking the customer experience in 2021 and beyond.

Featured Speakers

Sean Condon
Vice President, Omnichannel

Meghana Dhar
Fashion and Beauty Partnerships Lead, Instagram Shopping

Jillian Durojaiye
Customer Director of Shopper Marketing, Kroger

Christopher Gavigan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Gillis
Director of Insights

Ben Goodwin
Co-founder and Formulator

Tehmina Haider
Vice President, Head of Harry's Labs

Jenny Holleran
Director of Media Account Management

Stephen Howard-Sarin
Vice President of Strategy and Transformation

Cate Khan
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Sai Koppala
Chief Marketing Officer

David Lester

Steve McGowan
Regional Vice President, Omni Shopper Activation and Strategic Partnerships

Rebecca Minkoff
Co-founder and Creative Director of Rebecca Minkoff, Co-founder of Female Founder Collective

Ryan Olivieri
Director of Marketing

Benedetta Piva
Senior Product Manager

Jason Test
Vice President, Digital and In-store Commerce

Tyler Trerotola

+ more to be announced shortly!

Agenda Overview

12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




12:20 PM — 12:40 PM ET

Winning DTC at Checkout: Tips for Reducing Friction to Drive Revenue

You’ve wooed your customer this far with your marketing efforts, your brand experience, and your careful pricing considerations, all to funnel them into your checkout flow. Still, each quarter, merchants lose $100B in sales due to checkout friction with 69 percent of online shoppers adding a product to their cart without completing the purchase.

Join Adweek and Benedetta Piva, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Pay, to learn the importance of the checkout flow on conversions, what to look for in an eCommerce payment solution, and why DTC businesses should offer additional payment methods on their site.


Benedetta Piva, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Pay
Matt Steinmetz, Vice President, Event Partnerships, Adweek





12:45 PM — 1:05 PM ET

A Soda With Pop

When Ben Goodwin and David Lester launched Olipop 3 years ago people told them they were crazy for launching a soda made with plant fiber and prebiotics. Fast forward, and the duo is now spearheading one of the hottest beverage trends in the market and disrupting the soda category for the first time in nearly 40 years. Join the co-founders of Olipop to hear insights on the growing natural soda category and how to identify trending opportunities.


Ben Goodwin, Co-founder and Formulator, Olipop
David Lester, Co-founder, Olipop





1:10 PM — 1:30 PM ET

Personalization in a Cookie-less World

Acquiring and retaining loyal customers by building meaningful connections in an incredibly crowded marketplace is key to brand differentiation and revenue growth. Marketers are finding creative ways to gather valuable first-party data from the consumer that they are willing to provide thus enabling brands to provide better-personalized marketing in return. Enter cookieless marketing -- or in a broader sense, ‘invited personalization’.

Join SheerID’s Sai Koppala, Chief Marketing Officer, and special guest, Sean Condon, Vice President, Omnichannel, eCommerce and Retail, ASICS, as they discuss how identity marketing, done in a seamless, respectful manner, can lead to impactful and lasting brand loyalty.


Sai Koppala, Chief Marketing Officer, SheerID 
Sean Condon, Vice President, Omnichannel, ASICS America Corporation





1:30 PM — 1:50 PM ET

How One of the First Digitally-Native Unicorns is Further Building Its Portfolio

Harry’s was one of the first digitally-native brands to reach unicorn status with a valuation of over $1 billion. Today, the company is fully omnichannel and the #2 brand in the places where it's sold. Now, they're turning their attention to building a family of disruptive CPG brands designed to serve the next generation. Led by Tehmina Haider, the brand's Harry's Labs vertical has incubated Flamingo, Cat Person and Headquarters to serve different unmet needs across categories. Now, Harry's Labs is looking to acquire and scale fast-growing CPG brands to build out its portfolio further.


Tehmina Haider, Vice President, Head of Harry's Labs, Harry's Inc
Paul Hiebert, CPG Reporter, Adweek





1:50 PM — 2:10 PM ET

Redefining Delivery

Perfecting retail delivery service, with a focus on speed, efficiency and quality, is key to maximizing the customer experience. What does it take for start-up delivery companies to standout in this crowded space? Join Adweek as we sit with Tyler Trerotola, Co-founder of the United States branch of JOKR, to learn more about its 15-minute delivery service in the New York market and its ambitious plans for growth in a post-pandemic world.


Tyler Trerotola, Co-founder, JOKR
Lisa Lacy, Commerce Editor, Adweek





2:15 PM — 2:35 PM ET

Omnichannel Is Defining the Future of Retail

Today’s consumer is increasingly shopping in more omni ways with inspiration, discovery, and purchase happening anywhere. Success means connecting with your customers however and whenever they want to shop. Join Adweek as we sit with Stephen Howard-Sarin, Vice President of Strategy and Transformation of Walmart Connect, to learn more about how Walmart’s omni channel strategy is paying off, including Walmart Connect’s focus on building offerings that expand outside of traditional digital channels​ to connect brands more meaningfully in customers’ everyday lives.


Stephen Howard-Sarin, Vice President of Strategy and Transformation, Walmart Connect 
Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek





2:40 PM — 3:00 PM ET

The Retail Revolution Will be Livestreamed

The advent of shoppable livestreaming has taken the retail landscape by storm. Ecommerce native Zappos is the latest retailer to join the growing trend, tapping social media influencers, content creators and bloggers to authentically introduce products to their active followers. Join Ryan Olivieri, Director of Marketing at Zappos, who will share his insights on the acceleration of social commerce and the retail giant’s strategy for success.


Ryan Olivieri, Director of Marketing, Zappos
Nicole Ortiz, Senior Story Editor, Adweek





3:00 PM — 3:05 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us!


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




12:00 PM — 12:05 PM ET

Adweek Opening Remarks

Welcoming remarks and a look at the event.


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




12:05 PM — 12:25 PM ET

Building Community through Social Shopping

Verishop entered the ecommerce space in 2019 with the promise of a new shopping experience for men and women. Since then, the brand has built a buzzy online community through its social shopping app, which allows consumers to share their favorite products and inspire others. Join Adweek as we sit with Cate Khan, Chief Strategy Officer of Verishop, who explains the growth of social shopping, the importance of community and customer care, and what’s next for ecommerce.


Cate Khan, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Verishop
Richard Collings, Retail Reporter, Adweek





12:30 PM — 12:50 PM ET

The Future Is Now: Win More Customers, Drive More Revenue with Curated Deals and Personalized Offers

Consumers are rapidly turning to digital commerce as their primary method to discover and shop brands and products they love. Since joining forces, PayPal and Honey have been carefully studying current online shopping behavior at critical touch points from discovery, consideration and intent to checkout, rewards and return on marketing investment.

Join Jason Test, VP of Digital and In-Store Commerce at PayPal, for a fireside chat where he will share best-in-class customer engagement strategies fueled by PayPal and Honey’s extensive shopper testing and research. This talk will cover how PayPal and Honey meet the modern shopper to drive conversion and offer best practices for brands looking to do the same.


Jason Test, Vice President, Digital and In-store Commerce, PayPal
Matt Steinmetz, Vice President, Event Partnerships, Adweek





12:55 PM — 1:15 PM ET

All Is Well With CBD

Spurred by a year in which consumers were obsessed with health, the wellness revolution is moving at warp speed. Consumers are finding solace in new fitness and health products that amplify their personal journeys. Christopher Gavigan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CBD wellness product Prima, joins Adweek to discuss how his forward thinking has led to scientifically proven formulas and products that make up Prima’s hemp, CBD wellness brand’s portfolio.


Christopher Gavigan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Prima
Terry Stanley, Senior Editor, Adweek





1:20 PM — 1:40 PM ET

From App to Cart: Online Grocery Insights

Consumer brands need to reach and engage with customers where they are – increasingly, that means online. Brian Gillis, Director of Insights at Instacart Ads, will explore how brands can effectively reach consumers in the digital aisles as the online grocery market continues to grow. Learn more about the unique metrics Instacart can surface to brands, unlocking shopping behavior insights and measuring advertising performance in new ways.


Brian Gillis, Director of Insights, Instacart Ads
Lisa Granatstein, Chief Content Officer, Adweek





1:45 PM — 2:05 PM ET

The Future of Social Commerce

Instagram last year introduced a personalized Shop tab to over 1 billion people on its social platform and launched new ways for brands to share their stories through video. Consumers can now discover and shop the latest trends and brands in the palm of their hands. Meghana Dhar, Fashion & Beauty Partnerships Lead for Instagram Shopping, joins Adweek to discuss the consumer and brand response to these investments, the rise of the livestream shopping experience and the next chapter of commerce.


Meghana Dhar, Strategic Partnerships Lead, Instagram Shopping
Jess Zafarris, Audience Engagement Editor, Adweek





2:10 PM — 2:30 PM ET

Fireside with Mondelēz: Measuring Media’s Impact on Retail Sales

With shopping habits under disruption, brands need to know their media investment is having an impact on retail sales. Discover how Mondelēz leverages the power of Kroger Precision Marketing’s first party data and advanced targeting capabilities to hold media advertising accountable for driving real business outcomes.


Jillian Durojaiye, Customer Director of Shopper Marketing, Kroger Mondelēz International
Jenny Holleran, Director of Media Account Management, Kroger Precision Marketing
Steve McGowan, Regional Vice President, Omni Shopper Activation and Strategic Partnerships, Mondelēz International





2:35 PM — 2:55 PM ET

Owning Your Career and Category

Rebecca Minkoff’s five-piece capsule collection catapulted her into fame in 2001. Today the designer’s handbags, apparel and accessories are synonymous with New York fashion while maintaining an expansive global footprint that’s focused on ideating and innovating. Join Adweek as we sit down with Minkoff to discuss leading with purpose, her newly released novel Fearless, her stance on the future of retail, and how the fashion brand has steadily grown in an increasingly crowded ecommerce space.


Rebecca Minkoff, Co-founder and Creative Director of Rebecca Minkoff, Co-founder of Female Founder Collective, Rebecca Minkoff
Stephanie Paterik, Editor in Chief, Adweek





2:55 PM — 3:00 PM ET

Adweek Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us!


Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer, Adweek

Danny W




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